Exclusive Fibers

It’s one thing to make performance wear that fits and performs well. But a true breakthrough requires you to grasp the microenvironment where “flesh meets fiber.” Real performance is measured by how body, skin and metabolism react when tested by you and the elements.

That’s why we relentlessly pursue advanced materials – through partnerships with prestigious fiber companies, as well as by creating our own proprietary fibers, like SILVER DryStat® – that help create the ideal active body environment.

And just as you constantly challenge yourself to achieve new levels of performance, our scientists constantly seek the most comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly fibers available.

Made in Italy by ARCOS

DrystatStay dry and odor-free in the most extreme conditions. Our exclusive, patented SILVER DryStat® fiber harnesses the extraordinary power of silver. The medical community has long recognized silver for its unique antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. But only Arcos, the company behind Vitalsox, can bring these properties to socks and calf sleeves. Using a proprietary process, we infuse silver ions into the core of a polypropylene fiber. The ions inhibit the growth of bacteria and molds, providing long-lasting protection for both you and your gear, while the polypropylene wicks away moisture to keep your body performing at peak efficiency through any activity. Another key benefit: SILVER DryStat® is 100 percent recyclable, and doesn’t pollute the environment.

MICROSupremeMoisture management for all seasons. Competitive athletes around the world endorse this hollow-core micro denier fiber. When knit into technical sport socks and calf sleeves, MICROSupreme® provides superior wicking and self-drying capabilities that keep feet dry and cool in hot weather during high aerobic activity, and trap warm air generated during cold weather to keep feet warm and dry. It’s also extremely soft and comfortable against the skin.